Energy waste

Waste heat reusage is a great potential and already reality in Finland. Most cities in Finland have district heating network and by feeding excess heat from data center to city heating network you can make additional profit and lower your net CO2 footprint and have better ERF (Energy reusage factor).

District Heating

Finland has a district heating system in almost in every town. This creates an excellent possibility to re-use waste heat from Data Centers.

Yandex – the Russian search engine, has built Data Center in Mäntsälä, Southern Finland. Yandex sells its waste heat to local utility Nivos. Nivos primes waste heat with help of heat pumps suitable for the district heating network for Mäntsälä’s consumers. That way Yandex data center reduced 40% of energy usage and CO2 footprint.

This is an excellent showcase of the ”win win” trade for the waste heat use. In addition of use DCs waste heat as a energy source, they can lower their carbon footprint remarkably.

Waste heat, the product for sale