FDCA organizes various events and seminars in the data center field for its members and other stakeholders.

Future Data Summit

It all started in 2018 when we had our first Future Data Summit. Last year we were happy to welcome almost 300 satisfied visitors. According to our feedback questionnaire, 35% of the visitors who answered the questionnaire rated the event as excellent. Over 98% thought it was good or excellent. Overall rating of the last event: NPS was amazing: 40 % of the visitors would be promoters and recommend this event to a friend or a colleague.

Statutory Spring and Autumn Meetings and Seminars

The statutory spring meeting of the association is held annually in March – April and autumn meeting in November – December. Both meetings will also be accompanied by a short seminar.

Joint stands in international events

We organize joint participation for our members in international events, e.g. Datacloud Global Congress 2024 .

SFS / SR 311 Resource efficient data centers

SFS / SR 311 serves as a Finnish expert group for the standardization of resource-efficient data centers. As a member of the group, you will be able to participate in the drafting and further development of European and global standards. You can also network with experts in the field both domestically and internationally.

Round tables and working groups

You can participate in influencing and developing the DC field together with other professionals in our working groups and round table meetings.