Data Security

Finland is known for many fundamental cyber security technologies essential to cyber and information security.

World´s safest place for data

Finland is one of the leading countries in data privacy and threat prevention solutions and identity management.

In Finland we have a world-class expertise in data security, cybersecurity, digital services, software and hardware. Finland has a strong tech expertise, high education level and vibrant start up culture. We have an attitude of innovation, we are forerunner in digitalization, communication technologies and sustainability technologies. The cybersecurity scene is outlined also by our National Cybersecurity Strategy.

A stable and ICT-oriented society, supportive legislation and strong support for data privacy, makes Finland the ideal country for cyber and information security businesses.

Finland is the most stable country in the world (The Fund for Peace, Fragile States Index 2018You are moving to another service.) and also the safest country in the world (World Economic Forum, The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017). Finland is a member of the NATO defence alliance.

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Finland’s first Cyber Security Strategy was published on 24 January 2013.