ISO standardization

Did you know that FDCA was originally founded to support ISO standardization in the data center field?

SFS / SR 311 Resource efficient data centers

The goal of standardization work is resource efficient data centers, and standardization focuses on the design, infrastructure and measurement of data centers.  The scope is the same as that of the International Subcommittee ISO / IEC JTC 1 / SC 39 Sustainability,  IT & Data Centers, established in November 2011. The group develops IT standards to support environmentally sound development, applications, operations and management.

SC 39 working groups and tasks:

WG 1 Resource Efficient Data Centers

The group develops standards for data centers, such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), ERF (Energy Reuse Factor), CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness) and WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness).

WG 3 Sustainable facilities and infrastructures

The group develops standards for the design, construction, physical security, and infrastructure of data centers.

WG 4 Eco-design of digital services

The group develops standards for Eco-design – principles of digital service, and for the functional architecture of efficient data center.



Photo: Kirtselis Stelios

FDCF supports and funds ISO standardization work and development in the data center field.