In Finland you have low TCO due to free cooling, clean air, cost efficient resources and smart modular solutions. Finland has established itself as a global leader in the field of environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient data centers. This reputation is built on innovative practices and strategic investments that prioritize reducing environmental impact while maintaining high operational efficiency.

Free cooling saves energy and costs

Cool climate and pure air including numerous of clean lakes and rivers gives many cost effective possibilities for cooling of Data Center servers. Due to cool climate the need to invest to mechanical cooling systems is lower and warm periods are short in Finland.

A significant amount of new clean electricity generation has been built/is under construction and we are in the best position in Europe to continue to increase it.

Waste heat reusage

Waste heat reusage is a great potential and already reality in Finland. Most cities in Finland have district heating network and by feeding excess heat from data center to city heating network you can make additional profit and lower your net CO2 footprint and have better ERF (Energy reusage factor). This is Win-Win deal for both data center operator and building owner. For example Yandex data center reduced 40% of energy usage and CO2 footprint in Mäntsälä city heating network.

99,99982% grid reliability