DCD: In search of the perfect data center environment

Why Finland is on the cusp of being the next big player in the data center market

As traditional hotspots for data center locations become saturated, operators are moving further afield in search of the next digital hub. Finland, with its advanced telecom infrastructure, mature sustainability programs, and an abundance of natural cooling is taking its place on the world stage offering opportunities for data center construction with a potential for efficient, cost-effective facilities. Datacenter Dynamics spoke to industry stalwart Eero Lindqvist of the Finnish Data Center Association (FDCA) as it prepares to meet for its annual conference.

“Climate change is the big picture,” Eero tells. “It’s the main driver affecting where future data centers will be located, particularly the availability of affordable and renewable electricity. Another thing that will be important is the availability of water resources because stress on the water supply seems to be getting worse, especially in Southern and Central Europe. In that sense, Finland and the Nordics are in a good position and ready for demand from the global market. We have good sites, we have renewable power and it’s growing fast.”

In the past few years, Finland has moved to be completely self-sufficient in terms of its electricity demand, triggered by several global factors. But rather than stop there, it continues to expand its production of cheap green energy to fuel its expansion in the global market.

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