Decisions of the Autumn Meeting

Thank you all participants! Here is the summary of decisions made in the Autumn Meeting.

The autumn meeting discussed the increased need for social influence.Our members of the board work on a voluntary basis and expert assistance is also needed. In order to meet the increased challenges, it was noted that there is a need to increase membership fees moderately.

The new approved membership fees are:
• 0-9 employees 410 €
• 10 – 49 employees 880 €
• +50 employees 1 760 €

New FDCF Board

Nominated and elected chairman:
Veijo Terho (Ficolo)

Nominated and elected to the Board:
Mikko Aho (Rittal Oy)
Tiina Davidsainen (Fortum Oyj)
Sami Holopainen (Equinix Oy)
Pekka Järveläinen (Justin Group Oy)
Antti Laine (Fimpec Oy)
Ilkka Larjanne
Eero Lindqvist (Telia Finland Oyj)
Sami Niiranen (Orbis Oy)
Timo Ranne (Granlund Oy)

Congratulations to all board members!