Decisions of the statutory autumn meeting

For the association’s official autumn meeting on 1.12. participated a total of 12 members.

New board

The meeting unanimously elected Veijo Terho (Verne Global Finland) as chairman. Likewise, previous board members were unanimously elected as board members. Mikko Aho (Rittal), Sami Holopainen (Equinix), Timo Ranne (Granlund), Eero Lindqvist, Tiina Davidsainen (Fortum), Pekka Järveläinen (Justin Group), Ilkka Larjanne (Are), Sami Niiranen (Granlund), Antti Laine (Fimpec Group) and as a new member Kari Maikkola (Telia Finland).

New membership fees

The autumn meeting confirmed an increase in joining and membership fees of +8% equal to the general index.

The new membership fees in 2023 are:

  • €475 (0-9 employees)
  • €950 (10-49 employees)
  • €1900 (50 and over 50 employees).

We have received inquiries from educational institutions about their own membership category, which is why the meeting decided on a new membership fee for educational institutions, which is the same as the smallest membership fee, i.e. 475 euros.