Finland is a land of data protection and cybersecurity

Finland has a proven track record of keeping a close guard on sensitive data, both for its citizens and its businesses. We are  a leader in the development of cybersecurity technologies.

“The major motivation for that has been our “Eastern Neighbor”. We want to keep our secrets secret, which means having a well-thought-out and architected system to handle sensitive data – how to store it, and who can access it – so for as long as I can remember we have had robust national legislation and regulation.

“We also tend not to trust buying security hardware from another country, even if seen as a friendly ally, because if we are in a crisis situation, we need to know how we can replace or fix it if it gets broken. Instead, we have built an entire industry around that, both cryptographic and of course, telecommunication.”

Data integrity is an obviously attractive trait to potential investors, while another comes from the fact that Finland has a reputation for political integrity too, coming second in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index in 2022. Lindqvist explains that smaller nations, such as his, have a higher likelihood of sharing fundamental values of trust and cooperation.

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