Future Data Summit 2021 proudly presents: Kaisu Halonen, Commercial Advisor, Loimu Consulting

Kaisu Halonen is a growth strategist with a strong track-record from both leading herself and developing customer organization’s marketing & communications operations: in recent years, she has specialized in creating insight driving green industries & digitalization. She’s a M.A. of intercultural communications specialized in Finnish, German, English & the EU communications (Tampere University), European politics (Kent University) as well as in market research & target group behavior (Helsinki School of Economics, now Aalto University).

Kaisu supports organizations, municipalities and central organizations looking for new markets / customers / investors / supporters. As the former Head of Business Development of the German Chamber of Commerce & of the German-Finnish Digitalization Partnership Program, she also knows which German and/or European political initiatives to consider. In addition, Kaisu is a certified agile leader as well as one of the earliest digital marketers & social media users – and thus able to recommend tangible actions, target groups, tools and KPIs needed to reach the objectives.