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Future Data Summit 2022 proudly presents: Nick Morris

Nick Morris

Consultant, Carbon3IT

Nick Morris (MSc DIC PhD) original technical and commercial background is in biotech, bio/chemical- engineering, modelling and sensors. He entered the data center sector via DatacenterDynamics, where he was responsible for France, Nordics and UK markets and the co-developed and worldwide rollout of CEEDA energy efficiency assessment and certification. During the coronavirus pandemic he co-founded the company Obynote to exploit verifiable credentials to provide completely private proof of an individual’s vaccination status. The same approaches were deployed to win an H2020 competition to provide immutable data provenance for engineering use-cases and now to develop applications for decentralized renewable energy generation and storage. His focus within Carbon3IT is on energy efficiency, applications of standards and in quantifying, modelling and advising on minimizing Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and mitigating ‘carbon risk’ for leading European data center operators, the development reporting methodologies and the evaluation of beyond system boundary benefits. In collaboration with leading energy efficiency policy consultancy WSEE, he is developing analytical tools for evaluating the thermal impact of legacy carbon emissions and its implications for carbon pricing and sequestration and the requirements to attain net zero impact for lifetime carbon emissions.

Future Data Summit 2022 – Data & Energy
OCTOBER 12th,  2022
Live @Koskenranta

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