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Future Data Summit proudly presents: Karl Rabe, Founder & MD, WoodenDataCenter

Karl Rabe is the Founder of WoodenDataCenter. With WDC he is moving the Data Center Industry in a new Scope3 aware and optimised future!

By replacing steel and concrete with Cross-laminated Timber and mass timber materials his Data Center designs are optimised in all 3 Scopes of Green House Emissions.

Karl Rabe started by running his own Data Centers where he pioneered direct renewable supply for Data Centers by putting Modular Data Centers in wind farms and heat reuse by running algae greenhouses next to the data center.

His vast experience in operating data centres enabled WDC to design and build highly efficient and sustainable modular Data Centers and wooden Server racks for other Data Center operators.

Karl Rabe co-leads the Modular Data Center group at the Open Compute Foundation and is a Leader in Residence at the Lancaster University Management School.

All his efforts in business, teaching and open community work revolve around improving existing technologies to contribute to the Paris Climate goals and create a sustainable future.