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Future Data Summit proudly presents: Mervi Airaksinen, Managing Director, Microsoft Oy

Mervi Airaksinen (MSc Econ.) serves as the Managing Director for Microsoft Finland. Prior to joining Microsoft, she held the position of Managing Director at IBM. Mervi has also held leadership roles in Finland and the Baltics for Cisco Systems. With a strong background in ICT, she has guided leading companies on their growth paths and is passionate about the positive impact technology can have on our daily lives. Mervi’s leadership at Microsoft Finland includes overseeing the development of advanced, nonpolluting datacenters that align with the nation’s sustainability goals. Mervi actively contributes as a board member to Vaasa University, the National Emergency Supply Agency, and Ficom ry. These organizations contribute to supporting Finnish society, education, and critical safety matters, as well as the overall well-being of Finland.

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