UTU Group offers its customers high-quality and versatile electrical and automation products and services. We are a Nordic player in the electricity sector with the heart of a Finnish family company. We want to understand our customers’ needs and do everything we can to support their operations. We demand the best performance from ourselves, and we take on our customers’ most difficult challenges. From UTU you get the best products and expertise in the field of electricity and automation

UTU has been electrifying the world for over 100 years. We are involved in the critical points of the electricity sector, both in the electrification of properties, electricity distribution and energy production, as well as in automation solutions. We develop our own production and actively explore future opportunities together with our international suppliers, serving our customers in the northern market area. UTU is a successful and growing family company in the fourth generation. Our job is to help our customers to find the best solutions in the field of electricity and automation, and deliver the parts necessary to implement them.

UTU’s production facilities are located in Finland. We manufacture products such as electrical panels, transformers, and EV  charging stations with a focus on sustainability and responsibility.

UTU’s suppliers are internationally known pioneers in the electrical industry. The brands we represent and import are strong and trusted industry players, such like Socomec.

Our slogan is UTU Can and Will! With this guideline, we intend to serve our customers for the next hundred years.

UTU by Numbers:

  • Revenue 55 ME
  • 190 employees
  • 5 countries (Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  • 23.000 products in selection
  • 104 years old (1919)