First major carbon-free company by 2030

Google will be the first major carbon-free company by 2030

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced significant future plans and additional investments that Google will make to find solutions to climate change globally. Google intends to be the first major carbon-free enterprise by 2030.

The decision is based on an unequivocal message from the scientific community: action must be taken now. In practice, true carbon freedom means that Google is the first large company in the world to strive to prevent all of a company’s CO2 emissions before they occur.

After 2030, therefore, Google will no longer compensate its global CO2 emissions, but will prevent them from occurring altogether. By 2030, Google intends to operate entirely with locally produced, carbon-free energy around the clock, anywhere in the world.

The Hamina data center in Finland is an important part of Google’s climate work. It has an important role to play as a role model for sustainable development and energy efficiency for all Google data centers.

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