Towards the Arctic event

Great feedback from the Towards the Arctic event

FDCF arranged this year an autumn seminar Towards the Arctic on October 14 and yet again we received a lot of positive feedback from our members. There were about 80 individual participants.

Based on our feedback survey, 80 % of the participants rated the webinar was excellent or good. Also, our keynote speakers received very good reviews. Thanks to them!

The technical platform used was Brella. Some thought it was a bit difficult to use since you were supposed to set up your profile in the platform before participating. The platform is designed for networking and to get the most out of the event requires participants to choose their interests and targets. Easiest way to make a profile is to use your own LinkedIn account.

The Net Promotion Score (NPS) of this event was good: 40 %.

Thank you to all the participants and thank you to everyone who responded to our questionnaire!