Introducing our new member: Barona

Barona is a multi-sector service company. Founded in 1999, we are the largest staffing and recruitment company in Finland and the forerunner in the working life.

Our services include employment, learning, and workplace well-being services and comprehensive solutions, such as outsourcing solutions, recruitment, staffing solutions, work ability services, as well as various training programs and coaching services.

We are the 9th largest employer in Finland and annually employ over 30,000 workers for our clients and our own companies.

We are transforming the world of work with wide-ranging service solutions that support the growth of individuals and businesses, combining people, responsibility, technology, and data.

We operate in the Nordic countries. Our home and roots are in Finland, but our culture and operations are international. We operate in over 30 locations in Finland and internationally in several countries.

Our operations are guided by our values: courage, responsibility, freedom, and collaboration.