Introducing our new member: Ekami

Ekami is the 7th largest employer in the area; there are some 350 Ekami staff members. In addition to teaching and workshop staff, Ekami has staff engaged in administration, real-estate management, student care and counselling, catering, and teaching support staff. Our premises are located in Kotka and Hamina.

Our operation is steered by the values of the Joint Educational Authority: customer-centredness, trustworthiness and community. We are in constant need of fresh and motivated professionals to become members of our expert community to train experts meeting the needs of the working life, to support individual development, and to participate in the development of the commercial life.

Ekami Group is led by the Joint Educational Authority’s Managing Director, Principal Mr. Sami Tikkanen.

Ekami is a vocational college with own educational datacenter. We offer basic level skills and knowldge about datacenters to students in a unique datacenter learning environment.