Introducing our new member: Fincoil LU-VE Oy

Fincoil LU-VE Oy (Fincoil, est. 1956) has over 60 years of experience of air heat exchange technology. Today company is part of LU-VE Group, one of the world’s largest producers of air heat exchangers. Our target is to minimize the environmental impact of our own as well as our customer’s production processes by focusing on energy efficiency solutions, reducing direct and indirect emissions, water consumption and the generation of waste. We want to create excellent customer experience and to be the first choice as solution provider related to industrial air heating and cooling applications.

Fincoil LU-VE is located in Vantaa, Finland and has some 130 experts working with R&D, production and sales. Fincoil is well-known for high quality products and excellent customer service.

Our business environment is divided to 4 main categories in the industrial air heating/cooling applications area:

  • The utilization of large air heat collectors (with heat pumps)
  • The engine/process cooling
  • Data Centre cooling / reserve cooling and reserve power cooling solutions
  • Direct CO2 systems (propane and ammonia)

LU-VE Group is combination of experience, tradition, forward thinking and innovation. LU-VE is an international group of companies specializing in heat exchangers, cooling systems and components for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and industrial processes.