Introducing our new member: Ynvolve

Ynvolve is a young, energetic and multicultural hybrid independent IT service provider and hardware supplier demonstrating the exibility of a traditional broker and the expertise of a VAR. The company is located in Nijmegen and founded in 2006.

Our offering has evolved over the past decade to best meet the needs of businesses. We are providing services ranging from on-site installations to hardware, maintenance and IT infrastructure moves. Our Buyback as as a Service program provides solutions to reduce our clients carbon footprint and helps them reach their sustainability goals. Ynvolve today provides its services in more than 130 countries.

As a member of the Infinite Group, Ynvolve is very actively involved in the DellEMC xSP Incubator program. This program aims to accelerate and support the development of xSPs (CSPs and MSPs). It provides high-potential xSPs with technological and financial solutions throughout their growth trajectory.