Pekka Uusitalo, CSC – IT Center for Science

FDCF Virtual Seminar proudly presents: Pekka Uusitalo, CSC – IT Center for Science

Pekka joined CSC in November 2015, his main responsibility being to drive and develop CSC’s partnership strategy. He has been developing CSC’s position as HPC service provider for Finnish research community including Cloud and DC architectures. Currently he is involved in ecosystem building for EuroHPC/LUMI project.

He has been Chairman of the Board in Nordunet since summer of 2018 which has given him a great opportunity to contribute to Nordunet’s success as key network infrastructure and IT services provider for Nordic NRENs. He is also a member of CSC’s management group.

Before joining CSC Pekka has a long working history with Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks (since mid 1990’s). This has given him great level of experience on IP networking technology and development of disruptive internet era.

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