Spearheading Sustainable Innovation

Finland, often recognized for its happiness quotient, is also becoming a beacon of sustainability in the data center industry. The Finnish Data Center Association (FDCA) has been pivotal in this transformation. Founded a decade ago with a focus on standardization and energy efficiency, FDCA has evolved into a champion for promoting Finland as an ideal location for data centers.

In the past decade, Finland has made significant strides in energy reuse, particularly in utilizing waste heat for domestic purposes. This practice not only enhances energy efficiency but also aligns with global sustainability goals. FDCA’s efforts in setting standards and advocating for policies supporting heat recovery have positioned Finland as a leader in sustainable data center practices.

The advantages of locating a datacenter in Finland, FDCA Board Member Mikko Aho sums up here: “The physical environment, the political environment, and many other things support the fact that big data center operators should locate their data centers and finances here. Heat reuse is easy here. The main cities already have a district heating network, which can be easily utilized.”

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