FDCA gave a statement to the EUDCA on the EED

The EU Commission published 11th of December a draft version of Delegated Act specifying the detailed reporting requirements for datacenters subject to Energy Efficiendy Directive. The feedback period was very short, originally to 4th of January and then extended to 15th of January.

FDCA submitted feedback, both standalone and jointly with other Nordic datacenter associations. The feedback focused on three topics:

  1. The annual incoming and outgoing data traffic
    Our feedback stressed that Colocation datacenter operators/owners do not have this data, nor do they have any access to it. Therefore Colocation datacenter operators/owners should be excempted from this reporting requirement.
  2. ICT capacity reporting
    The proposed reporting of ICT capacity for servers and storage equipment is very problematic for colocation data centres. It requires very detailed and uptodate information of the colocated devices which Colocation datacenter operators/owners don’t have. A crude, but more reliable solution would be to report device counts for physical servers, storage and network devices.
  3. KPIs for grid functions
    FDCA welcomes the reporting of the new KPIs for grid functions like battery capacity, battery time, etc. The Nordic datacenter industry is already working with the national grid providers and reserve markets to stabilize the grid as well as supporting it, when needed.

FDCA also urged EU Commission to consider lowering the reporting threshold from 500 kW to 100 kW when Commission evaluates the reporting scheme by May 2026.