The CLOUD is not in the sky – webinar

Swedish Datacenter Industry and FDCA presents:
Datacenters are now as crucial to all infrastructure as roads, railways and airports. And with the ongoing green and digital transformation the need for datacenters will continue to increase. One of the focuses for our organization for 2023 will be to strengthen the image of datacenters in Sweden and the Nordic countries. But how do we as an organization, and you as a member company, show that datacenters are a crucial part of our society’s growth? Especially at these times?
Fittingly, we will start of this year’s member activities with a highly interesting Webinar

the CLOUD is not in the sky

on 23 of February 13.00-14.00 CET (14.00 – 15.00 Finnish time)

Led by well-known industry colleague, Bastiaan Jansen from EPI, the seminar will give us a perspective on how we can introduce and explain our line of work to the general public. And, maybe even more importantly to decision makers such as politicians and others. In these ages of energy shortage our datacenters are sometimes mistaken as merely being energy thieves – despite the fact that the growing digitalization of all societies are dependent on our services. Without datacenters there would be no trains, no apps, no ATM’s, no electronic payments – not even this newsletter….

As a member you can take part in this webinar and get insights into how you and we can develop the image of our industry and your business – no matter if you need to explain it to an elderly aunt at a wedding party or to a politician.

Many of us has met Bastiaan before as a passionate speaker and he will guide us through this issue in a fun and factful way. Bastiaan is a managing partner of EPI Europe BV, EPI has been delivering a wide range of data center services since 1987. Bastiaan has long experience in all types of data centers and adjoining services such as data center auditing and certification, data center consulting or data center and IT training courses.

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