Welcome our new member: Auramarine

Established in 1974, Auramarine is a leading global supplier of fuel supply systems and auxiliary units for the maritime, power, and process industries.

Our trusted expertise extends to industrial cooling systems, chillers and sea water systems, which are all available as modular solutions, and ready for system start-up on a “plug and play” basis. This significantly shortens assembly and installation lead times, increasing the overall construction project efficiency and reducing subsequent costs. This configuration also enables flexibility in design, as all that is required in the overall plant design is a space reservation for the equipment.

From design to lifecycle support, Auramarine offers a full advisory service for our customers to maximise the value that we provide. Since inception, Auramarine has delivered more than 15,000 units to customers all over the world. The company has agents and representatives in over 25 countries, and employs more than 100 people in our offices in Finland and China.